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Management And Key Investigator Profiles


Charles Rettstadt

Certified Fraud Examiner
President and founder of RNI and, has a masters of arts degree in both criminal justice and public administration. His practical experience includes two years as a police officer, three years as an armed forces criminal investigator and ten years as a Special Agent with the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, Organized Crime Division. He is the author of manuals on public as well as private investigations, and he has been qualified in federal court as an expert witness on financial transactions and also acceptable investigation practices in Michigan. He has been interviewed on radio and television, spoken to focus groups and written many articles on business fraud. Charlie is licensed by the states of Michigan and Wisconsin to operate an investigative service in those states. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner and a licensed insurance adjuster. Charlie has experience in white collar crime, complex criminal and civil fraud matters, business competitive intelligence strategies, business fraud and internal investigations and pre-employment safe hiring practices.
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Patricia Lance

Mid-Michigan Field Investigator / Certified Fraud Examiner
PATRICIA L. LANCE is one of RNI’s mid-Michigan Field Investigators, a Certified Fraud Examiner and an experienced Financial Investigator. She has a varied professional, educational and personal background, which has proven to be beneficial in gathering information to meet clients’ needs. She has a dual degree in Systems Analysis and Microcomputer Management, and she also has twenty years of management and leadership experience, several years of which were in the automotive industry involving union contract negotiation and conflict resolution. Electronic information gathering is changing daily, and Patty is most expert at gathering all types of business-related information either through new or established databases as well as on the ever-changing Internet. In addition to her academic skills and professional work experience, she has spent many years as both a teacher and student of martial arts, which has earned her the rank of Second Degree Black Belt and Top-Ten World Competitor. Patty has also spent many years as a volunteer with the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office, Victim Advocate Unit, and has earned the designation of Senior Advocate. Patty has been with RNI since 1998.
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Jill Cantrell

Internet Investigator and Marketing
JILL M. Cantrell is a native to the West Michigan area. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Central Michigan University where she studied cognitive-behavioral psychology and criminology. While at CMU, she conducted research on the effects of anxiety and suggestibility on accuracy and confidence levels of eyewitness testimony as well as assisted in graduate research. Jill continues to pursue her interest in Criminal Psychology by conducting investigations for RNI and is experienced in a variety of field and sub-rosa investigation techniques. She is also involved in internet marketing/sales for the business. In addition to her academic skills, Jill is a trained classical pianist and has performed in many musical arenas since the age of 7. Outdoor interests include; hiking, trail running and kayaking. Jill has been with RNI since 2005.
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Randall Weston

Expert/Certified Digital Evidence Technician
Randy has been a Certified Public Safety Officer (police and fire) in Michigan since 1991, and he has been a command officer in his department since 2005. He has extensive investigative experience, is a Certified Digital Evidence Technician and is recognized in Michigan courts as qualified in computer related evidence gathering and computer forensic investigations. Randy is permitted by his department to perform civil related investigations in northern Michigan for RNI.
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