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RNI conducts Internet research to assist clients in gathering information to help them make effective decisions. We offer different levels of inquiries for; pre-employment backgrounds, insurance claims matters, jury selection, pre-litigation inquiries and general civil matters, child/adult abuse allegations, spousal/significant other premarital/extramarital matters, locates, competitive intelligence/corporate investigations, due diligence, asset location/financial investigations as well as for other legal and ethical reasons. We verify that no one is hiring us to use the findings to illegally/unethically intrude on someone else’s reasonable expectation of privacy.


RNI employs two well qualified Internet researchers who can offer different levels of inquiries:

  • A Basic Inquiry performs a general survey of the public domain on the worldwide web with regard to the subject of investigation. Turnaround time is normally 1-2 days, and what is gathered would supplement a more traditional background investigation. Findings are more behavioral related; for instance, we search for the way in which individuals portray and conduct themselves on a day-to-day basis. This information is developed from blogs, websites, MySpaceFacebookYouTubeTwitterLinkedInMonster and many other sources. This inquiry involves 1-2 hours of work and is also recommended preliminary to physical surveillance. It does not replace other more traditional investigative techniques, however, it certainly can allow for a time savings on the total investigation.
  • An Advanced Inquiry takes an additional 3-6 hours of investigative effort after the Basic Inquiry is completed. Turnaround time is normally 3-5 business days, and this more in-depth work is only recommended if the Basic Inquiry findings are significant enough to justify the added expense.

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