• Experienced, Trained, and Motivated Staff especially in Complex and Financial Fraud Matters.

  • Latest Surveillance Equipment, Internet Investigation, GPS tracking and Digital Forensics

  • Our team brings over 100 years of combined professional experience to your investigation.

At Research North, we have the investigative resources, technology and field experience to capture the
evidence you need in a discreet and confidential manner.

Look no further. You'll find it at Research North, Inc. Investigation Services!

Research North, Inc. Investigation Services in Michigan and Wisconsin, a private detective agency conducting insurance fraud claims investigations - specializing in video surveillance.
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Research North, Inc. (RNI) is a licensed private investigation firm offering a variety of investigation services in Michigan and Wisconsin. As a Michigan Private Detective Agency, its Field Investigators conduct insurance fraud claims investigations, and they specialize in gathering digital video evidence using state of the art covert and long range equipment. At Research North, Inc. (RNI), we are dedicated to obtaining the truth for our clients. Research North, Inc. (RNI) is a Michigan Private Detective Agency that has been in business since 1981 and is licensed, insured, qualified, thorough, reliable and confidential for your safety and protection. Our investigative services include domestic inquiries relating to divorce, custody, hidden assets and other family matters. Research North, Inc. (RNI) also specializes in interviews and litigation support on general civil and criminal matters, witness locations, expert financial investigations and computer/cell phone digital data evidence recovery. More information is available at www.researchnorth.com. We also conduct professional pre-employment background investigations for businesses and individuals through a separate company owned by RNI. It is called BackgroundChecksWork.com, and more information is available at www.backgroundcheckswork.com. Check out BackgroundChecksWork.com for thorough, well researched and professional pre-employment screening and background checks for both employers and employees in Michigan and Wisconsin as well as nationwide.

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